Join GFPS to become part of a worldwide network of institutions committed to promote the fluid power discipline.

Key reasons

  • Get access to a wide literature database of technical papers in various fields of fluid power. Currently there are more than 1,000 papers you can get access to after you become GFPS participant. Log in credentials will be given after your participation gets approved.
  • Stay informed on fluid power news and actively participate into the fluid power community. If you are a research institution, you will be able to post research highlights on the GFPS website. If you are a fluid power company. You will be able to post your openings into the GFPS webpage, which is frequently viewed by graduate and undergraduate students of all GPFS academic institutions.
  • Contribute in joining the Board and the Advisory Committee. Every participant will nominate an Advisory Committee member that will work with the Board for new initiatives to strengthen promotional activities for fluid power.
  • GFPS is a non-profit institution. The participation fees will be exclusively used for promotional activities, including student awards at fluid power conferences, and future student travel awards.

Want to join?

Your participation request will be reviewed by the current GFPS board. To be eligible, you must be:

  • An academic institution with both research and educational fluid power programs, or
  • A fluid power company willing to support GFPS initiatives, or
  • A fluid power organization

For academic and government institutions, the participation fee is USD 300 per year. For small institutions the fee is calculated as $70 x number of participating individuals.

For fluid power companies, organizations, the participation fee is USD 500 per year (an additional fee will be charged for every position posted).


To join, compile the webform here or download the text form and fill the required fields and send it to